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The Work@holic Philosophy


1.You’re part of Work@holic

The Work@holic philosophy is built on the believe of helping working people power through their day with great food at great value. To do this, we have to do quite a few things differently and our customer – You play a big part in making this happen. Work@holic wouldn’t be Work@holic without you.


2. Save on Rental

A big part of the food & coffee price you pay are for rental. At Work@holic, we optimise our footprints so that we don’t have to pay unnecessary rental and this in turn reduces the price you need to pay. We know that this also means that you don’t have a place where you can sit and chill for long, but all Work@holic crew are ready to advise the nearest café where you can do so.


3. Fit for Purpose Environment

You will not find fancy renovation nor overpaid posters around our outlets because we hate making customers pay for it. Our outlet design philosophy is clean & minimalist, but we strive to make you feel right at home with our crew’s smile and friendly service.

4. Do it Ourselves

We try to do things ourselves as often as we can. When we bake our pastries and produce our sandwiches in outlet, we reduce unnecessary logistic cost while keeping our products as fresh as can be (They taste much better than those from chilled factory and waiting to reheat). Our customer ends up with better food at lower price.

5. Efficient Crew & Operations

Our Operations are designed behind KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) allowing our loving crews to be efficient without having a mountain of People

6. Putting Value back to Product​

Everything we save, we put them back into the products, and that's why our customer can enjoy specialty standard coffee and gourmet sandwiches with filling more than the bread at super affordable price

The 5 Promises
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