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Starting 01 Jul 24 (Monday), you can pay (direct/credit card 💳 or e wallet) via Direct Payment 📱 without having to Top Up. (Your existing W Credit can still be used) Some of the key changes are as follow:

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So, you made it so far down the page... let's have your questions answered

What happens to all my credit 😡?

Well... nothing actually. You can continue to use your credit as usual. The 1 year expiry still apply.


Do I still get 10% discount for the gourmet food & handcrafted beverage?
No you don't. You do however get Credit Back for every order you make. (This does not impact corporation that uses voucher code for 10% discount)


My order is 20.0 but I have only 10.0 W Credit, can I pay the remaining using Direct Payment?
Yes you can. The remaining 10.0 (20.0-10.0) can be paid via Direct Payment (Credit/Debit Card & E-Wallet)

How much Credit Back do I get for my order?

You get Credit Back between 3-12% depending on your Tiering at point of order. Remember your tiering changes only on first of every month. e.g. on 01 Jul 2024, your tiering will be designated based on your order between 01-30 Jun 2024.


You rejected my order 😡! What happened to my Credit Back?
Well, even when your order is rejected, we will honor the Credit Back for that order. You will get a refund in the form of W Credit Back which you can use to make subsequent order. 


Do I get Credit Back for my order using Top Up payment method?

No you don't. We do however offer Bonus Credit on Top Up for selected Top Up amount.


Can I still top up?

Well, you can still Top Up W Credit, but please note that the Credit Back only applies to Direct Payment, not for payment via W Credit.


Do I still get monthly credit back?

No, there is no longer monthly Credit Back. You will get Credit Back immediately upon completion of the order.


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