At Work@holic we appreciate our customers just as much as we care about our products.

Therefore, we are running this programme in order to honour all our loyal customers with amazing gifts and rewards.

RM30 = 1 Sticker

3 Stickers = RM15 Meal | 6 Stickers = RM30 Shopping Voucher



Who is eligible to get the card & sticker?
C.REW Card can be given to regulars, potential customers (who spend RM30 & above) and
customers who are interested in participating in this programme. C.REW Sticker
MUST ONLY be given to customers who spend a minimum of RM50 in a SINGLE RECEIPT. 
How does it work?
a) Spend RM50 or more in a SINGLE receipt and get 1 sticker
b) Collect 3 stickers and redeem an RM15 meal OR
c) Collect 6 stickers and redeem an RM30 voucher
What can I redeem with the stickers?
With the collection of 3 stickers, you may redeem an RM15 Free Meal
you may redeem an RM30 Voucher with the collection of 6 stickers.
Where can I redeem the rewards?
You may redeem at our kiosk.
Just reach out to our crews and
they will guide you through the redemption process.
When is the expiry date for my redemption?
The validation date of the redemption is printed on the card.
How can I get the sticker?
You will receive a sticker for every RM50 spent in a single receipt.
Why is this programme called C.REW?
This is a catering loyalty programme and the name “C.REW”
is derived from the tagline - ‘You Cater. We REWard.’
What can I do if my card/sticker is lost?
Ooops. Unfortunately we won’t be able to retrieve your lost card/sticker.
You may get a new card from our crew on site though. 
Can I combine my cards to redeem my rewards?
Yes you can. You need to present all your cards with the stickers upon redemption.
Can I combine my receipts to get the stickers?
Unfortunately you need to spend RM50 in a SINGLE receipt to get the sticker.
If I spend RM100 in a SINGLE receipt can I get 2 stickers?
Yup! If you spend RM150 in a SINGLE receipt you get 3 stickers,
if you spend RM200 in a SINGLE receipt you get 4 stickers and so on
(I'm sure you get the point)
If I'm currently getting 10% off from deli@work catering, can I participate in this too?
Unfortunately you may only participate in one or the other. 
Why do I need to fill in my details?
We need your details so that we can
constantly keep you updated with our latest promotion.
Also, it helps us to contact you for verification.
Can I participate again after I've done a redemption?
Yes you can participate in this loyalty programme
as many times as you want as long as
you spend RM50 and above in a single receipt.


1. Spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt to collect one (1) sticker.

2. Free meal redemption values at a maximum of RM15.

3. Redemption exceeding RM15 is to be borne by the bearer.

4. Each redemption is redeemable one (1) time only.

5. Strictly not exchangeable for cash and non-refundable.

6. Only original physical C.REW Card is accepted. Expired cards will not be accepted.

7. Not valid in conjunction with other offers/promotions.

8. Not valid for the purchase of prepaid card.

9. Work@holic reserves the rights to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.