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The Team


Founder / General Manager


Ed's a product of a loving single mum with 2 spunky younger sisters. Having had a colourful childhood with a short stint of being homeless living in coffee shop, he was lucky to have graduated to work for an oil & gas company where he married his workplace sweet heart, who is obviously too good for him. Having started Work@holic because of being tired of paying for over priced coffee, he is currently the chief busy body of Work@holic, working along side some really wonderful people, who are more often than not, annoyed by his poor sense of humour.

Chef - Suave.png

Head Chef


The Genius behind every product in Work@holic, Chef Wai is the mad scientist of culinary arts. The likes of Chili Pasta that combines East X West X East can only be imagined by someone who doesn't confine to the norm. During his free time, Chef Wai enjoys time with his family that adores him. 

Nazim - Smile 2.png

Senior Area Manager

Mohd Nazim Jamali

Awesome smile, colourful hair and a ridiculously charming personality. Nazim is one reliable person that everyone can count on with anything. He is famous for being calm under any circumstances... seriously... any....


Marketing Executive


The resident creative genius & the Johnny Ives of Work@holic, Hayen is our only import from the East Coast. Armed with his charming wit and awesome sense of fashion (he is the only guy that can make Hawaian short sleeves work), Hayen makes everything in Work@holic beautiful. Besides being a full time Workaholic!, Hayen enjoys photography, some experimental cooking & anything artsy fartsy.

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