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Founder Story

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A group of of us have been in the corporate world for way too many years. Waking up every morning, skipping breakfast just to get some extra sleep or because we only have enough time to fix our kids' breakfast.

At office, we are stuck with the choice of some subpar coffee from the pantry or the RM14 Café Latte! from some chained cafe downstairs. Well, we wondered, does a good cup of coffee need to cost so much?

The answer is No and since we couldn't get others to change their price, we started to talk to some of the best suppliers and coffee roasters in town. We soon understood that we can sell Great Products at Great Value just by following some unusual but 'common sense' principles.

We opened our first kiosk at Menara Shell and were a popular hit among the folks as we were selling awesome coffee and pastries at a fraction of the price of our neighbouring competitor. (Did we steal business from competitor? You would have thought so, but actually we didn't. There are customers who would like to pay more just to sit down and relax (not our model) and come to us for all the other time. So, Win-Win.)

While we have expanded to 7 other outlets since then, we continue to grow and innovate based on the same principles that has helped guide our business on the first day. 

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