Need to know more about our delivery?

Can the food be left at reception? 

As you wish! We can leave the food at reception at your request. Our rider will send you a photo of the meal (with a location and time-stamp) as proof of delivery. The meals dropped off at requested areas will be left at your own risk. To arrange for meal drop-offs at the reception, simply state it at the "Special Remarks" section.

Can the rider wait for me at my designated area? 

Unfortunately, we don't encourage our riders to wait at meeting points as it could delay other deliveries.

But you'll receive push notifications when the rider has collected the products and are on the way. The rider will then call you to finalise the meal drop-off so you need only come down once the meals are near.

Can the rider come up to my floor? 

Sure thing! For residential buildings, our riders can come up to your floor if it's allowed by building management. For most commercial buildings, our riders can't deliver to your floor as there may be many restrictions on delivery riders parking out front as well as issues with the building's security. But do let us know if your office building is delivery friendly via the "Special Remarks" section.  

How much do you charge for delivery? 

The delivery fee is only 5.0 for order below 25.0 and it's FREE for delivery above 25.0

Do you deliver to my location? 

We do deliver within 15km from our nearest outlets. (which would cover majority of Klang Valley). For full list of our location, please click here.

How do I key in my address? 

It's easy! Just remember to key in your full address including: Street name Building name (if your delivery location is an office or residential building) Block no. Unit no. Company or shoplot name (if applicable).


If your delivery location is in an office or residential building, please key in the name of the building in the address input. Ensure that you read the full address (including street name) so that there aren't any confusion. 


Once done, please specify your block and company name (if applicable).

I received the wrong order? 

We're truly sorry this happened to you. Please submit a 'Help' ticket so we can investigate and straighten out this issue for you as soon as possible.


All you need to do is submit a 'Help' ticket by going into your "My Account" > "History" > "Detail" > "Help". Select "Order Issue" send a photo of the meal you received and we'll take care of the rest.

Alternatively, you can send an email to with the picture for us to investigate and proceed with service recovery.

I didn't receive my food! 

We're truly sorry this happened to you. Please submit a 'Help' ticket so we can find out what happened to your meal and how we can get it to you as soon as possible. All you need to do is submit a 'Help' by going into your "My Account" > "History" > "Detail" > "Help".

A few things can go wrong with deliveries. But in most cases we would inform you well in advance if there are problems with deliveries. We usually call, SMS and finally email you during delivery or if we encounter problems. So if you have a missed call, that might be us.

How do I track the delivery of my food? 

We update you via the App Push Notification (So, remember to have it turned on in your Notification Setting for the Work@holic App) when your order is accepted, when your rider is confirmed, when your order is picked up and when your order is delivered. Our rider will also contact you when they are near to your delivery location.

How do I change the address for the delivery? 

Yes. You can change your address

  • We recommend notifying us of any delivery address changes at least 2-3 hours before your food is due to have been delivered.

  • If you notify us of an address change at the last minute it may not be possible to make the change 

To change your address, just ring our outlet. Alternatively, get in touch with our customer service team via email at

Can I change the delivery time? 

Yes, you can change your meal's delivery time if it is at least 1 hour before your selected time-frame, just ring our outlet. Alternatively, get in touch with our customer service team via email at

How do I cancel my order? 

Ahh... The twist and turn of life. You can cancel your order 1 hour before your selected time-frame. You can also cancel deliveries for the next day or any future date. Just email us your Order ID (You can find this in the History > Order & Top Up History) or alternatively just ring our outlet.