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There's too many links to remember

Transaction Tagging - Use this end of the day to tag transactions to sticker
Order - Customer use this link to order

Process Flow - Pdf of process flow

Human Resource
Leave Application - Use this link to apply for leave or to claim leave days while working during public holiday

Pre Employment - Registration form prior to Letter of Offer
New Employee - Use this link for new employee to register
Interview - Use this link to book for interview slot
Screening Assessment - Use this link to do screening
Submit Heroes score
View Score Board

Staff Feedback - Whether anonymous or not, we encourage feedback from you!
Summary of Days Worked - This is the summary of days work by each crew & OM for the current month.

  • Worked Days - The number of days worked is based off timesheet + number of leave days taken during this period. 

  • Work Days - This is the number of days that the individual need to work for the month (Tip: If the Work Days seems lower than expected, then there is a good chance that the leave taken wasn't accounted for)

  • Basic - This is the Basic Salary x Worked Days / Work Days. If the individual work for 24 days while the number of days he/she is supposed to work is 24 days, then the Basic would be 24/26 x Basic Salary

  • Type - ​This is the role Classification. (The number of Work Days is dependant on the role Classification's last character)
    CSO4 = C + SO + 4
    The first character is either C = Confirmed and P = Probation
    The second character set is either SO = Senior Outlet Manager, JO = Junior Outlet Manager, SC = Senior Crew
    The last character is a number with "4" = 5 days work week according to office, "5" = 5 days work week for a 365 outlet and "6" = 6 days a week for a 365 outlet

Leave Master Sheet - This contains all approved list taken by staff
Timesheet for staff - This is the timesheet according to storehub, the number of days worked in Summary sheet above is based of this.
Calendar of work - You can find the calendar of work for different job role 

Corrective Action Letter - Use this to submit and corrective actions

Storehub - Access storehub back office
Invoice submission
Invoice Submission for CK
Ad Hoc Delivery -

Customer Delivery - This is for delivery to existing customers for CK goods including any Top Up payment

Corporate Sales - For the purpose of daily submission of corporate sales prior to monthly submission for claim (You can find the Corporate Sales summary here)
Free Sourdough - Register and check if customer has ordered sourdough before


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