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31 December 2018 at 4:00:00 pm

The Employee shall work 8 hours per day and six days per week or 48 hours a week, except on public holidays and annual paid leave, or such other numbers of working hours as agreed between the Employee and the Company.
The parties agree that the Employee base salary takes into consideration the work you may undertake outside normal office hours and the Employee working hours shall be the flexible work hours, which can ensure the proper completion of your work assignments hereunder.
For Employee working on shift, the working hours will be shifted accordingly as communicated by supervisor.
The working hours may vary subject to event/training days where any extension of working hours will be solely on the direction of the Managing Director.
If an Employee is required to work during Public Holiday, the Company may grant the employee any other day as a paid public holiday in substitution for any of the public holidays worked on.

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