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31 December 2018 at 4:00:00 pm

The Company expects loyalty, dedication to work, care, good judgment and good faith in the employees’ dealings on behalf of the Company.
A conflict of interest would exist if you had any interests or activities outside the Company that you could advance at the expense of the Company’s interest. In other words, given your obligations or commitments to the Company as an employee, your loyalty becomes divided. The following actions are conflicts of interests and are strictly prohibited. :-
(a) You may not at any time of your employment take up or engage in any other employment, trade, or business outside the business of the Company without the prior consent in writing from the Company.
(b) You may not market services in competition with the Company’s services. Nor are you allowed to work for a competitor as an employee, consultant, or member of its Board of Employee, consultant or member of its Board of Directors, since that would create a divided loyalty.
(c) You are required to disclose confidentially any appointment(s) that you or your family members may have as Director of any public / private company or any interest therein that may conflict with your duties and responsibilities.
(d) You may not, without the consent of management, receive payments, incentives, gifts, commissions, purchase options for goods / property at unreasonable low prices from suppliers, vendors, principals or interested third parties. Nor may you represent a supplier to the Company, be a part of its operating management or work on anything offered by that supplier to the Company. As a general rule, neither you nor your family members may not be a supplier to the Company in your own right.
(e) You may not perform outside work or solicit business while working with the Company. Nor may you use the Company’s equipment, materials, resources or information for any outside work.
(f) You are not allowed to supply goods or services to the Company as a supplier or contractor or service organization directly or indirectly. Nor are you allowed to use knowledge gained as an employee to solicit business dealings.
(g) The accounting procedures of the Company must be adhered to. Even if procedures are not documented, due care must be taken to ensure the Company’s interest is protected at all times.

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