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31 December 2018 at 4:00:00 pm

Discipline is a requisite for efficiency.
Employees who lack the necessary self-discipline have to be reprimanded. A verbal reprimand is a form of disciplinary action of a positive nature assigned both to correct the fault and show how to improve. Should the employee persists in his/her negative attitude, a written warning should be given. Eventually these written warnings may form a basis for dismissal if the employee’s conduct / performance fail to improve.
Disciplinary action may be taken against an employee, depending on the seriousness of the misconduct. The Company may, after due inquiry :
(a) Issue a written warning
(b) Suspend an employee for a week without pay
(c) Demote an employee
(d) Defer, withhold or stop annual increment
(e) Terminate employment by notice of payment of salary in lieu of notice
(f) Dismiss an employee without notice

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