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Every 1st of the month, you will get Credit Back based on your last month's redemption with the % based on the Tiering you achieved on the day of Credit Back.

You might have some questions, we have the answers.

  1. I am Gold in August and have spent a total of 300, what tier would I be in 1st September and how much Credit Back would I get?
    On 1st September, you would achieve the Iridium Tier that enables you to earn 10% of Credit Back. The Credit Back will therefore be 10% x 300 = 30.0

  2. When you calculate my Credit Back, is it a % of my previous month's Gross or Nett redeemed value?
    It is Nett. Meaning the value after taking out any savings or discount. e.g. if a Café Latte is 10.0 and 9.0 (after the 10% discount), the value of Credit Back will be a % of 9.0

  3. What happened to the 30% Discount that I used to get when using the App?
    The discount for Handcrafted Beverages has been revised to 10% (Effective 1st October 2021) and we have instead introduced this credit back which will apply for all products redeemed via the app.

  4. ​When and how often do I get my Credit Back?
    Your Credit Back happens once a month and on the first of every month.

  5. ​If I was Gold last month and Palladium 1st of this month, which tiering would you use to calculate the Credit Back?
    You will get your Credit Back 1st of the month. This would therefore mean that the Credit Back is based on your tiering on that day, which in this case would be Palladium

  6. Is there an expiry to the Credit Back?
    The Credit Back is no different from any of your regular credit, in the sense that it last for 1 year

  7. Where can I find the history of Credit Back that I have received?
    You can find the records in your My Account page, accessible via the top right button on the App's Homepage. Check under Order & Top Up History.

  8. Where else can I find more details?
    You will find the answers at Frequently Asked Questions or if you prefer, contact us at general@workaholic.myJust Click 


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