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You have questions, we have the answers. If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, just drop us and email and we will respond to you within the next working day. cheers

How do I apply to be a W Tribe Member?As long as you have downloaded the W Cafe App & have registered an account, you are a W Tribe member.

How many different type of W Tribe Members are there?

There are 4 tiers, starting with Gold followed by Palladium, Iridium and Rhodium.  

How do you decide which Tier I belong to?
Well, it is decided by the total redemption you have done via your account for the month before. 

How do I know how much redemption I have done?
Your total redemption for the current month can be found on your app by clicking on "My Account" found on the top right of your app's home page. It's the biggest number on the page, you can't miss it.

Do I stay in the same tier for the entire year?
Nope. Your tier will change monthly based on the total redemption you have completed the month before.   

When will my W Tribe Member tiering be reviewed?
Your tiering is reviewed on 1st of every month. 

What are the benefits to be a W Tribe Member?
There are lots of benefits, depending on your Tribe Member Tiering. Just check out the tiered benefits here.

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