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No home in Italy is complete without loaves of focaccia. This household staple, which dates back all the way to Ancient Rome, is different depending on region and season in Italy, with unique toppings & flavour.


Following tradition with a twist, Work@holic Focaccia uses traditional recipe including high protein flour, olive oil, water, salt and yeast but also added the Italian Biga (a type of pre fermentation) to add texture of flavour to this all time favourite. 

While there isn't distinctive seasons in Malaysia (Monsoon as an exception), we do follow the concept of changing topping depending on months of the year. Currently we are serving our focaccia with cherry tomato and parmesan topping, a perfect combination.

Each loaf of Work@holic Focaccia is approx 400g which you can use to make 3 subway size sandwich or cut into thin slices with pairing of olive oil and cheese.

Mamma Mia!

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